Executive Search | Overview

Kensington International’s approach to executive search incorporates both the respected best practices associated with the leaders of the executive search industry and the combined experience of the firm’s Founders and Consultants. Our process ensures you that assignments get the appropriate attention – from start to finish. It’s the basis for the reputation that Kensington International has established in providing outstanding executive search services to clients that range from small-to-medium businesses to Fortune 250 and equivalent organizations. 

Because we place quality at the forefront of search execution we confidently offer a performance-based retained fee structure and measure and manage all key elements of the search process – including asking for candid feedback from both clients and candidates in order to continually improve our quality of service. Our executive search consultants are entirely responsible for managing each project to a successful completion.

For Senior Management and Executive positions compensated above $200,000 annually, Kensington International’s client-centered, retained executive search process is unparalleled.

While our client-centered approach to strategy development, candidate sourcing and screening is not specific to a certain discipline or industry, the greatest percentage of our searches fall within specific sectors. Those sectors are Industrial; Consumer; Financial Services/Private Equity; Transportation and Logistics; Construction/Infrastructure; and Energy.

For Middle Management and Professional Level search projects compensated between $100,000-$200,000 annually, we recommend that you use our subsidiary hybrid search firm, The Laramie Group.