Outplacement & Transition | Overview

The need to transition employees is inevitable due to changes in organizational and business strategies, mergers and acquisitions, or simply due to changing business and career-life stages. Whatever the cause of the transition, companies that care about their employment reputation partner with Kensington International to provide support for employees as they begin their transitions to a new position, a new career or a different lifestyle. In addition to our work with individuals, our transition process management services provide support for executives and managers who must plan and prepare for transitions that affect their employees.

Since 1989, Kensington International has been successfully partnering with client companies, executives and individuals in transition. As one of the leading outplacement and career transition firms in Chicago and worldwide as part of Career Partners International (CPI), we differentiate ourselves though our continued commitment to a coach-centered approach and high-touch, customized career transition services that address the unique needs of every organization and employee.

We understand that no two organizations, people or situations are alike. That’s why we deliver programs that don’t use a cookie-cutter approach but are instead highly tailored for our clients. In turn, our expert transition coaches tailor those programs to address the individual transition candidate’s situation and needs. We’ve staked our reputation on using that approach, and it has proven to help our clients preserve their reputations as well. For companies that care about the level of service provided to their transitioning employees, Kensington provides the best combination of coaching supported by the latest in online technology.

Worldwide Reach

Kensington International is metropolitan Chicago’s office of Career Partners International (CPI), one of the world’s largest outplacement and talent management services organizations. With our worldwide network of offices, hundreds of coaches, standardized processes and an industry-leading technology platform, we consistently deliver content and guidance of the highest quality.